All of our furry friends up for adoption go through basic training and will be fully vetted before being released to their permanent home. In order to adopt you must fill out an application, which is then followed by a home visit to ensure our furry friends will be a good fit in their new home. A non-refundable adoption fee does apply once adoptions are finalized; this goes directly to help us pay off vet bills. Adoption fees can be anywhere from $100-$600. Adoption fees are subject to change depending on their vet bills and other medical circumstances.  Please contact for further information on the adoption process.

 Applications can be requested and submitted via email at

Adoptions/Sanctuary Rescues



This boy is a 4 yr old Male kitty looking for his forever home. He would prefer to be the only cat but he tolerates dogs/cats. Charles was surrendered due to not liking other cats & is currently living in a cage at a vets office.Can you help this sweet boy find a forever home? Contact us for more info on how you can help. 


Found as a stray in Hialeah,Fl. No one ever claimed him so we believe he may have been dumped. This sweet quirky boy is a purebred Min Pinscher, approximately 4 yrs old.  He is wonderful with cats, dogs, and children. Mostly potty trained but will try to mark since he wasn't fixed until recently. We use belly bands while hes indoors which is teaching him not to mark . Hes up to date on all vaccines, testing and prevention ! All he needs is a loving home, will that be you ? 



This handsome stud has been with us for 5 months now . He came from an exotic bully breeder where he wasn’t properly socialized nor neutered for most of his life which made him very insecure and defensive . This insecurity translates into displaced aggression, so we’ve been working on behavior modification since .

We’ve noticed that all the new activities have flared up extreme arthritis in his shoulders , hips and knees . Benny now has trouble walking , sitting , & resting . poor thing is in so much pain , unless of course a stranger pops into his territory where the adrenaline kicks in and nothing hurts all of a sudden . Unfortunately this means Benny is totally unadoptable . We are going to make him as comfortable as possible until there’s no longer quality of life .

We don’t like sharing bad news but we do feel the need to share the face of a beautiful dog who could’ve lived a longer , healthier life if it wasn’t for human greed .







Mo, Tank, Alfie, Angel, Jerry & Benny are Full time residents of Angels Touch Rescue Due to being unadoptable and/or Special needs.