All of our furry friends up for adoption go through basic training and will be fully vetted before being released to their permanent home. In order to adopt you must fill out an application, which is then followed by a home visit to ensure our furry friends will be a good fit in their new home. A non-refundable adoption fee does apply once adoptions are finalized; this goes directly to help us pay off vet bills. Adoption fees can be anywhere from $100-$600 depending on their vet bills and other medical circumstances. Please contact for further information on the adoption process. Applications can be requested and submitted via email


Maggie  (Adoptable)

Maggie is a 3 year old female yorkie who was used and abused by a breeder as a means to make profit, once she was no longer needed she was disposed. maggie is great with others dogs , cats and is pad trained. Maggie is up to date, in good health & she would love to be your lap dog and share good times with a forever human. 


Milo (Adoptable)


Milo is a 2 year old male goldendoodle. He was surrendered for no reason other than the fact his owner no longer had the time or means to care for him . Milo is currently in foster care awaiting his forever home. Milo is potty trained, crate trained, good with other dogs and kids. He is good with cats however he enjoys pestering them. Milo is very young at heart and would love to be a part of a special family .  

Loki (Adoptable)


Loki is a 5 yr old, male, 70lb American Bulldog that was left as a stray as a puppy and then later surrendered by his human due to personal health issues. Loki is good with all dogs but no cats. he is potty and crate trained. will you be looks forever home ?



Lolli is a female 6 month old shih tzu that was going to be used as a backyard breeder mom however someone hit this little girl in one of her eyes causing it to rupture, seeing no other choice they surrendered her to our organization. The ruptured eye was removed, she was fully vetted and now lolli is healed and just waiting for her forever home. Lolli is being potty trained and is still very much a 6 month old puppy. please fill out an application if you're interested. 



Peppa was found starved with her 4 male kittens and was given to our sanctuary to rehabilitate.   she is about 2 years old and is the sweetest kitty anyone could ever ask for. She's in great health after lots of TLC and up to date on everything. She would love to have an indoor home. can you help ? please contact us directly 



Lizzo is a 3-4 yr old female french bulldog that was surrendered from a backyard breeder who overbred her and disposed of her after making profits. After much needed TLC lizzo is now medically up to date and in good health. she's potty and pad trained, Best of all she is a nanny dog and would love to have kids around . Lizzo is now looking for her forever home, will that be you ?