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Our mission is to rescue neglected/abused dogs, cats & birds. We're working hard to have a larger property so we can take in more animals in need, but for now we can only manage those three species which have been surrendered at local animal shelters, confiscated by local humane agents, or saved from factory farms. Our goal is to make sure they live out their lives with comfortable housing, nutritious food, and companionship. They will also receive endless love and affection from the human components of the sanctuary!

Angels Touch Rescue is a resource to raise public awareness about the plight of animals raised in puppy mills and "backyard breeder" operations all over the U.S.  We educate potential pet owners on how they can make a difference in their pet's lives. This includes homeless pets as we introduce natural and holistic methods to ensure our animals are in good health, both mentally and physically. Our hope is that when people realize these animals are beings deserving of compassion, they will decide to respect all animal lives and adopt not shop! 

Feel free to explore our site and learn more! Check out the pictures of our wonderful animals! If you like what you see, please consider donating to help our animal ambassadors. We appreciate everything you do to help animals, spread compassion, and make this a more joyful world to live. 

About Us


Senior dog Sanctuary

Angel- American Bully 9-10 yrs
Lizzie- Pug 13-14 yrs
Alfie- Yorkie 17-18yrs
Jerry- Chiweenie 13yrs

are Full time residents of Angels Touch Rescue Due to being UNADOPTABLE and/or Special needs. Each Senior has come to us due to hardship & hold a special place in our daily lives. At ATR we ensure they are given an opportunity to live out whats left of their lives .

The Founder

Estefania always loved animals for as long as she could remember. She started collecting ants and lizards as a child but being a sickly/highly allergic child of a single mother she wasn’t allowed to have pets growing up. At the age of 8 years old she started volunteering with a wonderful woman named Karen Young, who is the founder of Cat Tails & More nonprofit organization. Regardless of her allergy to cats, she loved to help so she became very involved in the organization for the next 16 years and helped rescue thousands of cats and dogs. Estefania became a professional pet groomer, certified veterinary technician & started practicing animal reiki in order to help maintain, rehabilitate and medically aid rescues which helped lower rescuing costs overall.


In 2013, Estefania rescued a baby American bully who was going to be euthanized due to health issues. She named her Angel, because of her wonderful temperament. Angel's sweet demeanor also helped Estefania rescue other cats, dogs, chickens, ferrets, and birds by being their esteemed host and helping the rescues socialize with one another. Angel's wonderful, loving, nonchalant energy is expressed while she guides animals calmly as they enter the sanctuary for the first time.  After many years of volunteering and helping with animal welfare, Estefania decided to start her own foundation to help make a difference to all of the marvelous creatures who truly need our help.

Angels Touch Rescue's ultimate goal is to purchase enough property to create a larger sanctuary where more animals can reside temporarily or permanently depending on their needs. 


We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Angels Touch specializes in animal care as well as Animal Reiki.

Our services are located at our home/sanctuary.

All proceeds go directly to maintain and help support our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome animals in need.  We aim to educate the public towards how they can help make a difference with their own pets as well as homeless pets.

For more information please contact us directly. 


Pet Care
grooming workshops
Pet Care / DIY grooming workshops

Estefania offers pet sitting in her home/sanctuary. Its a great place for friendly dogs to socialize while being part of the pack and helping other unfortunate pups get the hang of being a dog ! Estefania is also a retired certified veterinary technician and groomer that is well equipped to handle special needs pets. She also offers private and group DIY grooming workshops for pet parents that would like to learn to groom their furry baby themselves, please follow grooming workshop link for more details. Daily rates apply per dog depending on their size and needs. please contact us for further details & Book your stay atleast 1-2 months in advance . All proceeds go back to rescue efforts.  

Pet Care
Animal Photography
Animal Massage
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